Vinit (Vinnie) Ahooja

Operations Management Executive

Improving Processes, Elevating Customer
Experiences & Driving Growth

A highly versatile leader skilled in transforming organizations by driving efficiency, innovation, and process improvements to achieve success. Committed to building best-in-class dynamic, inclusive cultures that elevate customer service and employee satisfaction. Passionate about enhancing operational frameworks to deliver outstanding results in high-growth environments across various sectors, including software-as-a-service (SaaS), telecommunications, and banking.

Demonstrated success in:

  • Spearheading departmental achievements by implementing KPIs and scorecards, boosting B2B sales and operational performance.
  • Improving customer engagement by overhauling customer service processes, reducing churn, and enhancing service delivery.
  • Fostering team development and retention through targeted leadership programs and strategic HR initiatives.


Dec 2023 – Mar 2024

Vice President of Operations

Revamped company departments and divisions for efficiency and improvement. Ensured compliance, as most of the customer base was in the medical and healthcare space

Jun 2019 – Dec 2023

Vice President of Operations

Responsible for overseeing the entire organization’s functions, improvements, and operations nationally and in Mexico. Introduced new performance metrics such as unique scorecards, quality assurance, commission structures, formal training, recruiting processes, employee recognition, troubleshooting tools, omnichannel support, transactional sales, and Gainsight CRM.

Apr 2018 – Jun 2019

Vice President of Operations

Managed operations teams comprised of core business functions and account management in California, Colorado, and Utah, and with outsourced operations in the Philippines.

Jul 2017 – Dec 2017

VP, Internal Consulting Team

Hired for a short-term project to develop and implement a new customer experience strategy and standardize operations across seven banks under the Bank of Internet (BOFI). Taught operational courses for call center forecasting and scheduling.

Jun 2008 – Apr 2017

Vice President of Operations

Led organization of 1.2K employees via two call centers, conducting inbound and outbound sales. Oversaw 13 retail stores, regional network operations centers, third-party retail, four overseas outsourced call centers, and technical support for business customers. Developed and implemented an innovative new hire curriculum and troubleshooting tools nationwide. Managed a $15M operational budget.

Sep 1999 – Jun 2008

Vice President of Operations

Directed and supported 800+ employees across two call centers. Responsible for national strategy and operational leadership on utilization of the third-party call centers. Oversaw technical support for business and residential customers.


As Vice President of Operations at Hanna Interpreting, led the creation of departmental KPIs and scorecards, achieving record B2B sales and operational performance.

While serving as Vice President of Operations at Time Warner Cable, led the team to the top three NPS rankings for five consecutive years and reduced employee attrition from 45% to 18%.

At Internet Brands, increased customer NPS by 82% in the first year and launched a comprehensive customer retention team that reduced churn by 25%.


Scaling High-Growth Technical Organizations

Operations Management

Process Improvement



Operating Cash Flow (OCF) / Free Cash Flow (FCF)



Employee Retention

Business Development

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Improvement

Call Centers

Forecasting / Modeling

Customer Success

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Political Science

Honors Graduate

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Q & A

Why did you choose your profession?

My journey into my profession was not a typical one. While in college, I had my sights set on attending Marine Corps Flight School upon graduation. However, life had other plans for me. A series of injuries forced me to reconsider my path. I found myself drawn to roles that not only challenged me but also allowed me to lead teams of all sizes and focus on delivering results. These qualities, I believe, are not only crucial to operational success but also mirror the values I learned in the Marines.

My ability to adapt has made me successful professionally over the years. As a father, I’ve adapted to my children’s sports and school schedules. I balance caring for the individual with meeting the needs of customers and stakeholders. As a leader, I ensure that teams have the tools and skills to be successful. The skill that brings it all together is strategy. I can create and implement strategies while gaining their buy-in and leading the team forward.

Who are your main influences?


One of the most significant influences in my life has been my grandfather. He was a highly respected community leader and a highly decorated Army officer. His presence and guidance during my childhood shaped my values and principles personally and professionally.

Despite his imposing physical stature, prestige in the community, and charm, my grandfather was humble, always calm, and available to anyone: family, friends, or even a stranger. Unless you knew, he never shared his highly decorated military history as he was unassuming and a great listener to the audience. When it came to my grandmother, he always had a childlike joy. Nothing ever came before family.

He shared the same philosophy he held as a military and business leader. “Take care of your men,” he repeated for years, and ironically, when I heard that at the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School by the Commanding Officer, Colonel Fox (a Vietnam Vet), my heart smiled. While he was a very proud veteran, he had a saying in Punjabi that translated to “Be careful when old men (politicians) talk tough because young men die.” Today, I am a proud, decorated former Marine veteran and a father; I remember that saying when I watch the news.


I carry many lessons gleaned from every job I’ve undertaken, from my earliest experience as a 13-year-old newspaper delivery boy during junior high school to my role as a 17-year-old manager at a restaurant during high school. Each position has contributed to my growth and development, shaping my understanding of responsibility, leadership, and the value of hard work.

As a teenager, I enlisted in the Marine Corps, embarking on a journey that saw rapid advancement through the ranks, achieving four meritorious positions within four years. This accelerated trajectory catapulted me into a leadership role as a Sergeant during Desert Shield and Desert Storm combat operations in Kuwait. In the crucible of these environments, leadership is put to the ultimate test, demanding a blend of physical and moral courage, emotional intelligence, decisiveness, and selflessness. I demonstrated these qualities consistently, earning recognition as the battalion’s Top Marine and being awarded the prestigious Marine of the Year title. These accolades stand as a testament to my unwavering dedication, exemplary performance, and steadfast commitment to the values of the Marine Corps. I attended Officers Candidate School the following year to develop my leadership skills further.

During my tenure at Cox Communications, Inc. and Time Warner, I was fortunate to participate in several years of extensive formal financial and leadership training programs. These initiatives exposed me to diverse expertise, ranging from Wall Street analysts to subject matter experts across various industries, particularly in sales, marketing, and strategic thinking.

With this comprehensive training, I honed my financial acumen and strategic planning abilities, positioning myself to take on progressively more significant roles within the organization. As a result, I assumed operations leadership, overseeing annual budgets totaling $32M. In this capacity, I successfully navigated complex financial landscapes, ensuring optimal resource allocation and fiscal responsibility.

Moreover, my experience allowed me to cultivate enduring formal partnerships with key stakeholders, including municipalities, technical vendors, and retail sales partners. Through collaborative efforts and strategic negotiation, I secured long-term commitments that bolstered operational efficiency and fostered mutually beneficial relationships that drove sustained growth and success for the organization.

Throughout my career, I’ve spearheaded the growth of five distinct organizations, expanding each to three times its original size while concurrently enhancing performance metrics across the board. With over two decades of leadership experience in the telecommunications and Software as a Service (SaaS) sectors, I’ve cultivated teams adept at swiftly adapting to change.

My leadership thrives in dynamic technical and SaaS environments, where products, services, and processes continuously evolve to address customers’ ever-changing needs. I thrive on the challenge of navigating complexity, leveraging innovation, and fostering a culture of agility and resilience within my teams.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

One of my most notable achievements is consistently mitigating attrition rates across various organizations where I’ve held leadership roles. My approach to leadership centers around servant leadership, where I prioritize empowering my team members. I take pride in guiding numerous direct reports through their professional journey, from initial roles to eventually stepping into leadership positions. It’s immensely rewarding to witness their growth, as many have progressed to become successful executives in their own right.

What tools do you use?

My “toolbelt” consists of several instruments that weave together to create a well-rounded set. My operational savvy and financial acumen allow me to absorb and apply various business models to maximize a division’s success. I build relationships with my team and business partners. This helps me find the best in my team, applying their strengths to grow their talents and the bottom line. It also allows me to understand what business partners need, leading to better collaboration and alignment. Taking the time to listen will enable me to understand the need and work together on a solution.

Personalization is key to making the most of my tools. Knowing my products, team, and customers allows me to pull from tools ranging from technology to conversations. Building relationships will enable me to weave the tools together to meet the present need, no matter what it may be.

What advice would you give someone just starting in your profession?

My best advice is to find a company where you can explore different roles and positions. Learn as much as you can about other teams and responsibilities. Stay relevant to technology, yet pay attention to the personal touch. Be an active listener, as it’s key to learning and building trust. Find a way to be a leader, even if you don’t have the title.
I would also say to incorporate fun and recognition. Do the zip-lining as a team-building activity. Host a dinner for the newlyweds. Make sure those around you know how much you care. People will follow someone who is invested in their well-being. Find your circle of friends who help you grow, expect more from you, and are willing to tell you when you’ve made a mistake.